Hallux Valgus (bunion): innovation in surgical techniques

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Tatler magazine talks about PBS bunion surgery and Dr Bianchi.

Dr Andrea Bianchi and the minimally invasive bunion surgery are part of the “Beauty & Cosmetic surgery guide 2020” prepared by the English magazine Tatler.

Dr Bianchi has been visiting and operating regularly in London at The Private Clinic of Harley Street since 2018.

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The PBS technique in Jordan

The PBS technique has arrived in Jordan. Yesterday for the first time, Dr. Bianchi, Dr. Samer and Dr. Ferranti went to Amman, accompanied by the Jordanian surgeon, Ismail Ghazal, to the “Abdulhadi Hospital to teach their surgeon colleagues the PBS keyhole technique. The first operations were carried out for the very first time in Jordan and the patients left very positive feedback in their comments reported in the Arab article, which can be seen via this link.

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PBS at the Dubai medical congress

It is not just the Italian scientific community to show an ever increasing interest in the PBS surgical technique.

In fact, the PBS group of Dr. Andrea Bianchi not only carries out surgery in other countries, such as Russia and Egypt.  On 3-5 November 2016, it also took part in an interesting, international conference in Dubai entitled “Joint Reconstruction Middle East 2016“.

Dr. Andrea Bianchi presented an interesting and much appreciated report on the topic of the “Percutaneous system for hallux valgus correction (surgical technique and result)“.

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PBS technique appreciated and exported to Cairo

From 19-21 January 2017, the PBS group took part in the international congress “10th International Arthroplasty Conference” held in Cairo, Egypt.
Dr. Andrea Bianchi, Dr. Stefano Ferranti and Dr. Abusaa Samer presented some interesting reports regarding the pathology of the forefoot and Hallux Vagus in particular..

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