Hallux Valgus (bunion): innovation in surgical techniques

PBS Training

The approach to the PBS world not only requires a thorough knowledge of how the foot works, but also provides a continual exchange of ideas between the various medical specialists. The PBS Team has acquired a vast experience based on objective, practical treatment and these case studies contribute substantially to the continual development of our surgical techniques. We continually strive to improve to fulfil our original vision of providing the best medical solutions to guarantee the wellbeing of the individual.

The consequent drive for continual training is organised and led by the PBS Training Centre, directed by Dr Lorenzo Fonzone Caccese, with the precious, valuable contribution of Prof. Renzo Renzini. The activity of the PBS Training Centre focuses on all the innovative, evolutionary techniques, which can further improve the PBS process in synergy with the PBS Scientific Department, directed by Dr Luca Berni.

Our aim is also to safeguard and maximise the contribution of the entire Italian and international scientific community involved, and exploit the diverse skills and professionalism.

With this philosophy in mind, surgeons who bring diverse points of view, but who wish to better understand the PBS Technique are from time to time invited to attend our annual meetings, “PBS meetings and opening innovation”.

If you are interested in participating in one of the PBS meetings, please write to: amministrazione@hyppocrate.it