Hallux Valgus (bunion): innovation in surgical techniques

Dr. Stefano Ferranti




Since 1997

Ospedale di Foligno (PG)

Director of the foot and ankle surgery centre

Speaker at the following conferences:

2016: SICP national congress
2016: Our experience and surgical treatment of the foot with Charcot Marie Tooth – Cagliari
2016: Metatarsalgia and plantar arch support  – National OTODI – Bari
2015: Treatment of hallux rigidus with fgt spacer –SOTIC congress – Assisi
2014: first GRISMIP congress on keyhole surgery in the treatment of Hallux Vagus with MIFS technique– Assisi
2013: Keyhole surgery of Hallux Vagus with MIFS  – Genoa
2013: Treatment of Hallux Vagus for sports people – Montefalco PG
2011: Hallux Vagus keyhole surgery – Rieti
2010: Hallux Vagus: from open to keyhole surgery– Foligno
2009: Keyhole surgery of Hallux Vagus – Naples
2008: Surgery for metatarsal hypometria– Foligno
2007: Keyhole surgery of Hallux Vagus – Modena
2005: Keyhole surgery technique for Hallux Vagus – Campobasso
2001: Leg compartment syndromes  – Cortina d’Ampezzo
2000: Surgical treatment of Hallux Varus – Ascoli Piceno
2000: Surgery for the diabetic foot – Rome
2000: This unknown, the foot – Kranjska Gora
1999 Pathologies of the forefoot – Innsbruck
1998: The biomechanics of step – Cortina d’Ampezzo
1997: The foot in flebology – Cortina d’Ampezzo
1996: Hallux Vagus – Cortina d’Ampezzo
1988: Surgery for flat foot– Perugia
1986: Fractures of the head of the radius– Assisi
1983: Surgery for overlapping fifth toe – Spoleto

Publications in the journal of the SOTIC society

“Investigations into 141 patients operated for herniated lumbar disc and checked after a period of time.”
“Compartment syndrome of the anterior leg compartment.”
“Surgical treatment of fractures and pseudo-arthrosis of the carpal scaphoid.”
“On the isolated syndrome of the motor branch of the median nerve to the thenar eminence.”
“Results a following surgery for canalicular syndrome of the median nerve to the wrist.”
“On the treatment of medial fractures of the femur neck with double nailing.”
“On the prosthetic treatment of medial fractures of the femur neck.”


1989: University of Perugia, Specialisation in Orthopaedics and Traumatology
1983: University of Messina, Specialisation in Sports Medicine
1979: University of Bologna, Degree in Medicine and Surgery